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Best – International Forwarding and Logistics specializes in international shipping by air, sea and land. The company was founded and managed by Levy Keren, who has extensive experience in the field, and many connections among airlines and shipping companies, exporters and importers all over the world

Import and export solutions

Best International Forwarding & Logistics offers you a variety of shipping solutions for import and export – by sea, air and land. Thanks to the skill and experience we have accumulated, we will be able to tailor the best and most efficient way of delivery, according to your needs, type of content, preferences and location. All you have left now is to use our services and go out into the world.

Customs Clearance

There is no doubt that the goods you want to import or export are of the highest quality and meet international standards, and of course you are a reliable and responsible person and your business is stable and respected, but that is not enough. Although you are signed on the shipment, it must undergo the strict checks of customs authorities in each country.

Exhibitions and projects

For several years we have been enjoying the benefits of the global village – our ability to reach every point on the globe easily and quickly, and the existence of a virtual and highly developed operating space. But it is not always possible to enjoy the whole world through the computer.

Cargo insurance

After you have closed all the important details and dealt with all the accompanying bureaucracies, there is one more important step left – insurance. No one wants his goods to be damaged or anything to happen to the contents of his shipment. After all, this is a valuable content, which loss or injury may drag you and your business to huge expenses

Commercial consulting

So you have a business in Israel, succeeding, earning and promising. It’s not bad, but you have thoughts that evolve well abroad. Thought is certainly a beautiful beginning, but it must be translated into action. Best International Shipping & Logistics is here for you. You can consult with us, investigate, ask, and finally decide on the right and most profitable business move for you

Logistics solutions

It turns out that every link in the shipping chain is important and necessary. You can not give up any link, and you should pay as much attention to it as the other links in the chain. Therefore, the logistic system, which includes packing the contents of the shipment and transporting it from one point to another, even from the business to the airport.